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Handmade Wooden Desktop Candle Holder
Handmade Wooden Desktop Candle Holder

Handmade Wooden Desktop Candle Holder

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Materials :

Wood, Oak, Solid Wood

Candle holder with a cascade of hearts. Handmade out of solid oak. Good for Romantic setting, wedding decoration or a center piece. Item is handmade and hand finished. Hearts are found on both sides of the candle holder and cut into this piece of solid wood. 

A fabulous addition to your home, they blend naturally with your existing decor, standing gracefully on any flat surface.

The pair of tealight holders fit perfectly together and form a heart - just like a loving couple.

Please Note: Color is usually a warm brown, although the color can vary slightly based on the grain of the Oak. We planning on making these out of different species of wood in the near future. These also look good with battery operated LED candles.  *Clean with dry cloth or brush. Wet cleaners may cause Discolorations/Expansion of the Wood.

Technicals : 

  • Sized to hold tea lights up to 40mm diameter and 19mm depth.
  • Depth and width are 44mm
  • Heights are approximately 5 & 4 inches.